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Launched in 2011, Safety Knives Services offers the safest blades for a multitude of uses. We stock only the highest quality safety knives and safety equipment – all of which are extremely durable if kept maintained and used for the correct applications.

Safety box cutters, knives, and PPE are essential in reducing the risk of injury at work and in the home, and we stock both metal and plastic retractable blades to guard against accidental cuts and to keep you or your employees safe. Our range of replacement blades can be used on a variety of safety knives and prevent injury from dangerous blunt blades.

Alongside leading brands such as Klever, Martor, Slice, and Pacific Handy Cutter, Olfa we stock a wide range of scalpels, scrapers, replacement blades, scissors, and personal protection equipment (PPE).

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If you’re not sure which knife, cutter or blade you need for your purpose, get in touch and one of our safety knife experts will be happy to help.

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