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Safety Knives, Cutters, Scalpels & Accessories from Safety Knife Services, UK  


Safety Knife Services Ltd stocks a huge range of safety knives, safety cutters, scalpels, box cutters & PPE for use across a wide range of industries in the UK. With brands like Klever, Martor, Pacific Handy Cutter, Slice, Olfa, the Safety Knife Company, and Pyramex Safety Glasses, we can provide high quality safety knives for the logistics, food, automotive, pharmaceutical industry, crafts, and many other industrial purposes.


Launched in 2011, Safety Knife Services offers a unique service, and the safest of blades to our customers, always working to provide the most appropriate knives, and sufficient safety equipment, for a multitude of uses. Along with our Klever, Martor, Pacific Handy Cutter, Slice and Olfa safety knives, we also stock a range of scalpels, scrapers, replacement blades, Scissors and personal protection equipment, ready to be shipped anywhere in the UK. & Worldwide


Our Klever Kutter, Klever Koncept and Klever X-Change cutters have proven particularly popular for safe box cutting and package opening in businesses. Like all our safety knives, they are made to reduce injuries, as well as ensure that packaging is opened with a minimum amount of damage. We are a national distributor of Martor safety knives including the Secupro, Secumax & Secunorm range of cutters.

Safety box cutters and safety knives are essential to reduce injury at work and home, metal & plastic safety knife are available, and retractable blades to guard against accidental cuts. We stock various replacement blades for your safety knife, in a series of brands including Pacific Handy Cutter, Slice Ceramic Blades, Martor, the Safety Knife Company and Olfa, so that you never have to deal with a dangerous blunt blade! If you’re not sure which knife or cutter you need for your purpose, get in touch with the experts at Safety Knife Services, and we can advise.


Our safety knives are made to a very high standard, and are extremely durable, if kept maintained, and used for the correct applications. You can shop our selection of branded safety knives and cutters through our shop page, or get in touch with your requirements, and we can suggest the best safety knife for you! We ship anywhere in the UK and Ireland, as well as Guernsey & Jersey and Worldwide


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